YogaFlow Zermatt Yoga


Chi Yoga, completely in flow with nature
Gentle training for body, mind and soul.
Meditation in motion.

Chi Yoga combines dynamic flowing movements with strength, calmness and a consciously directed breath. Music, humor and lightness are as much a part of Chi Yoga classes as mindfulness and stillness.  Chi Yoga is a flowing Hatha Yoga, which transfers the traditional Indian Yoga into modern times and adapts it to the needs of modern people in western society. The term "Chi" comes from Traditional Chinese Medicine and describes the life force that flows along the energy channels (meridians).

Yoga Zermatt

Fascia Yoga Zermatt  

Is a whole body workout for more flexibility and strength. Of course, the mind comes to rest during the practice, but this mental component and finding yourself is less pronounced than you may know from Hatha or Vinyasa Flow Yoga.

Fascia Yoga specifically targets tight spots in our bodies, areas that we neglect or don't move at all in everyday life.
Blood circulation is promoted. The body can be better supplied with important nutrients and oxygen and metabolic waste products can be removed.
The more flexible your fasciae, the more mobile and stable you are. Your posture is improved, joint problems and back pain can be avoided, muscular imbalances are balanced and tensions are released.

Based on the concept of Karin Gurtner in collaboration with Tom Myers