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Zermattbalance is your movement studio in the heart of Zermatt. I offer Pilates, Yoga and Cardio Workouts classes in small groups as well as private individual and duet classes.  Classes are customized to your individual needs and delivered with professionalism, lots of positive energy and joy. I am also happy to be your go-to resource for pre- and post-natal classes. 

Yoga Zermatt Pilates Zermatt

Zermattbalance is for everyone. All ages, all levels of fitness & experiences are welcome. 

Pilates Zermatt

PILATES in Zermatt  

Slings Myofacial Training®

The Contemporary Pilates Method is a functional whole-body workout that specifically develops strength and stability, but also flexibility, from the inside out. 

Yoga Zermatt

YOGA FLOW in Zermatt

Experience how yoga positively influences your well-being, promotes strength and balance as well as stability and flexibility - both on a physical and mental basis. more

Personal Training Zermatt

Personal Coaching Zermatt

As individual as each person and the corresponding wishes are, so individual are the training and support models. I align the units to your wishes, possibilities and limits. In a private atmosphere you train in the highest efficient way.