Pilates in Zermatt

Pilates is a harmonious interplay of flexibility and strength. It is precisely this and the fact that the Pilates method can be practiced into old age that fascinates me so much about it. All my life I have practiced sports and tried many different sports, always looking for a balanced training method where endurance, strength and flexibility are the focus.

This course is suitable for everyone.
With specific awareness exercises and a clear structure, you will learn to internalize the Pilates principles. It is a suitable, adapted to your needs and efficient whole body workout.

Pilates with additional equipment
A complementary component of mat training is the integration of small equipment such as Foamroller, Pilates Ball, Magic Circle, Toning Balls to challenge the body more in balance and self-organization.

Pilates Zermatt Fascia

Slings Myofasziales Training® 

Pilates & Yoga

Developed by Karin Gurtner founder and owner of
art of motion contemporary movement education®.

"Slings" is a myofascial training system based on current scientific knowledge, body therapy techniques, integral anatomy and myofascial training principles, and years of movement and teaching experience.

It incorporates a rich blend of exercises (from the Pilates , yoga and Karin-developed repertoire) that promote movement efficiency and structural balance. The clearly sequenced workout improves dynamic stability, elastic strength, suppleness of movement as well as energy flow.
The major long-term goals are optimized resilience and (self-) awareness as well as the activation of the body's own self-healing powers.
Article by Karin Gurtner "Resilient with movement".

Reformer Pilates Zermatt

A customized Pilates workout for All

The Pilates Reformer is the centerpiece for Joseph H. Pilates training. Thanks to its spring mechanism, it enables a unique quality of posture and movement. On the Reformer, imbalances can be corrected and the body is strengthened and stretched evenly.
With over 500 different exercises, the whole body can be trained in a supple, powerful, efficient and yet individual way. With the movable sitting and lying surfaces, training with the Reformer is suitable for all ages and fitness levels. This workout especially reaches deep muscle layers without overloading the attachments of muscles and tendons, which is especially optimal for rehabilitation.

In addition, the training is really fun - potential to get addicted to it!

Reformer Pilates Zermatt

Reformer Duett Training​

The Pilates training adapted to the needs of 2 people with and without Pilates equipment. No matter what your goals are, in the Pilates Duett Training your needs and wishes will be met individually and flexibly through personal attention. 
You train when and how often you want and thanks to the efficient Pilates exercises on the training equipment you will quickly feel a positive change, improve your posture and correct imbalances.

Reformer Circuit Training

The Pilates Equipment Circuit Workout is the perfect opportunity to discover all Pilates equipment. I will be happy to train you fit and surprise you with many challenging exercises.

It will be trained on the original Pilates equipment: Pilates Reformer, , Wunda Chair, Arc and TRX. 

It is designed for an open group with a maximum of 4 participants.