Pregnancy & Exercise Zermatt 

Pregnancy and birth bring physical and psychological changes. Yoga exercises with Pilates promotes your well-being during this special phase of life. In class we take into account your personal needs and responsibly combine physical exercises, breathing exercises and meditation. An adapted pregnancy & movement training supports you as an expectant mother and accompanies you after the birth.

For women who would also like to attend a preparation course in the hospital, this form of movement offers a good complement.

Other benefits: 

  • Sensitize / strengthen the pelvic floor
  • Breathing preparation for the birth- Pregnancy discomforts can be alleviated
  • Pause and let go
  • Energy blockages can be released
  • Exchange with like-minded people

One evening will take place with a midwife who will answer all your questions about and after the birth. 
The courses take place in small groups of up to seven people.
We start with a minimum of 3 people. 
It is possible to join at any time.
The pleasantly calm atmosphere that yoga brings with it is an optimal preparation for childbirth. 
Start possible from the 13th week of pregnancy. No previous knowledge is necessary and is recognized by health insurance companies. 

Postnatal Training Zermatt   

After pregnancy and birth, the body needs time to regain its balance. Selected and adapted Pilates exercises optimally support this process. With varied exercises (awareness, strengthening and relaxation) you will discover how to integrate the pelvic floor into everyday life and protect it from unnecessary strain.

The pelvic floor and the deep abdominal and back muscles are the focus: they are specifically strengthened so that they can regain tone and optimally stabilize the lumbar-pelvic area and the entire spine. However, the exercise program always takes the whole body into account and strengthens the entire body musculature as well as the (new) body awareness.

The course takes place in groups of max. 7 women. It is possible to take the baby with you and place it next to you on a blanket.

However, if you would like to use the time completely for yourself, you are of course also welcome without your baby.

It is possible to join the Zermatt regression class from about 8 weeks (12 weeks in the case of a caesarean section) after the birth; Pilates knowledge is not necessary.