Anita Locher

Founder and owner, Pilates and Yoga Trainer

Tel: +41 79 4697557    E-Mail

My main job was in marketing & sales for over 12 years, while my great passion from childhood was athletics and rhythmic gymnastics. 
Movement & music awakened in me a deep curiosity for movement and bodywork. So in 1995 I completed my training as a group fitness instructor and taught for 10 years in various fitness centers (aerobics, body toning, step).

With the additional trainings as Pilates Trainer, Yoga Teacher & the advanced trainings in Slings Myofascial Training / Reformer Pilates & Pregnancy / Regression I have found fascinating training methods, which offer me the possibility to face new challenges every day, in order to grow steadily.

"Movement is my life. I love the contact with people and the associated task of giving them a deepened body awareness in movement."

It is important to me that I design my lessons to be substantial and thoughtful, so that in addition to enjoying movement, participants notice immediate benefits and experience the lessons as valuable and satisfying.

Together with my new fields of activity in the area of therapy & medical a wonderful combination to promote and maintain well-being, quality of life, fitness and health.

All group classes I teach are Qualitop certified. Check with your health insurance company for reimbursement.


AUSBILDUNG: eidg. dipl. Kauffrau & Marketingplanerin.


Ausbildungen mit Prüfungs- und Diplom Absolvierung:

1995       dipl. Aerobic & Step Instructor by SAFS Zürich

1998       dipl. Bodytoning & Step Intro Instructor by SAFS Zürich

2001       dipl. Aqua Fit Leiterin by Ryffel Running

2002       Diplom Pilates Mat Class Instructor by Swisspilates Zürich

2004       Power Yoga by Power Yoga Switzerland, Basel

2005       Nordic Walking Instructor by Ryffel Running

2006       Nordic Walking Instructor by SNO

2007       Kursleiterin nach BeBo® Konzept, BeBo® Training

2007       Pilates Mat Trainerin by Body Mind Spirit, Zürich

2008       Chi Yoga Basic by Body Mind Spirit, Zürich

2009       Chi Yoga Stufe 1 & 2 by Body Mind Spirit, Zürich 200h

2010       Yoga mit Kindern, Ursula Salbert, Bern 

2011        Kursleiterin Yoga für Schwangere bei U. Salbert, Bern

2011        Zertifizierte Pilates MVe Chair Trainerin, Swisspilates, ZH

2013        dipl. Pilates Reformer Trainerin (Allegro) art of motion

2013/14   Kursleiterin Yoga Meditation, Anna Röcker, Bern

2016/17   Quereinstieg Pilates Essentials, art of motion

2018        Yin Yoga Lehrerin Mona Abter 50h
2020       Medical Yoga, Christiane Wolff OM Flowing
2021        dipl. Slings Myofascial Training Practitioner® Advanced, art of motion®



2000       Fitness Rückentrainer Ueli Schweizer, SAFS Zürich

2007        Bewegete Schwangerschaft, art of motion Bern

2007        Pilates Rings & Roller by SAFS

2007        Power Chi - Trilo Chi by Body Mind Spirit

2009        Luna Yoga nach A. Ohlig

2009/10  Hormon Yoga nach D. Rodrigues, BeBo® Training

2010        Lehrgang Korrekturen Yoga Haltungen, C.E. Reinig

2010        Beckenboden vor & nach der Geburt, BeBo® 

2011        Yoga Therapeutics, K. Schmid Zürich

2012        Pilates Flow, art of motion AG, Bern

2013        Pilates & Kleingeräte up dates, art of motion AG, Bern 

2013        Slings Essentials myofasziale Trainingstechniken, aom

2013        Coaching in Pilates und taktiles instruieren bei aom

2014        Pilates Reformer Flow bei art of motion AG, Bern

2015        Slings I Myofascial  bei art of motion AG Bern
2018        Slings Bodyreading & Bewegungsstrategien  
2019        Slings & Myofascial unterrichten, bei art of motion