Postnatal Zermatt

This class is recommended for mothers from 6 to 8 weeks after birthing. 

In this class the women concentrate on good posture with particular focus on the pelvic floor, the abdominal muscles and the spine. In a group class format we will work on bringing awareness to, gently stretching, and strengthening these parts of the body. Physical and mental well-being after birthing will be promoted, and muscle tone, stability and physical strength systematically reestablished. Questions and individual requests will be addressed.

Post-natal yoga pilates should be practiced regularly for a duration of at least 8 weeks after giving birth. 



All prenatal and postnatal classes are Qualitop recognised for Postnatal Gymnastics. Course confirmations are sent by post upon reception of the course fee.



The classes are held in English and/or German. Please inform me prior to class about your linguistic needs.